Photo by Andy Hellyer

When I print my fabric I do just enough for one bag or pinny, making each one unique, no two are the same.

Below are some of the pinnys I have in stock but I can easily make one just for you! So if you see a pattern you like but want a different colour just give me a ring and we can have a chat about what you want.

Phone 01489 860324 or 07551224491 or email me on

The pinnys are available in four sizes 8-10  12-16 and 16-18 plus curvy 18+.

All are hand wash.


I now make “one off” pinnys, below are a couple of samples, if you would like one of these, just let me know your size and I will send you a selection of photographs for you to choose the one you want.

Details of “Summer Flowers” / “Poppy” pinnys. £50 plus £3 postage & packing in the UK.


The pinnys shown below are £40. plus £3 post and packaging in the UK. Please ask for a quote to other countries.

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meadow landscape


man on the wall


flower heads


hands on


man with printing press on head


antique pen buildings